Restaurant Menu

The menu sets the tone for the restaurant. It is why people keep coming back. However, creating a restaurant menu involves a lot of work and research.
+30 Years Experience to make a Special Dishes with awesome taste !!
Shree Restaurant is a modern and comfortable place of residence for the kind of guests who regard indian standard of quality and convenience as the most necessary requirement.


  • Rasam (only weekends)2.95

  • Vegetable Soup2.95

  • Tomato Soup 2.95

Special Rice Varities

  • Shree Special Mixed Vegetable Rice6.95

  • Lemon Rice5.95

  • Tamarind Rice5.95

  • Coconut Rice5.95

  • Yogurt Rice5.95


  • Iddly(2)5.95
    Steamed lentil patties

  • Medhu Vadai (2)5.95
    Fried lentil daunts

  • Masala Vadai (2) 6.95

  • Dahi Vadai (2)6.95
    Lentil donuts in yogurt

  • Mysore Bonda (2)5.95
    Lentil dumpling

  • Potato Bonda (2)5.95
    Potato dumpling

  • Shree Special(Basket)9.95
    Samosa, cutlets, bhajji & papad

  • Bhajji (4)5.95
    Onion, brinjal or potato

  • Samosa (2)2.95
    Crisp deep fried patties of potatoes & peas

  • Vegetable Cutlet (2)5.95
    Crisp golden brown patties filled with peas and potatoes

  • Mirchi Bhajji (2)6.95
    Banana pepper stuffed with spices

  • Aloo Tikki (2) 6.95
    Potato stuffed with lentil & spices

  • Paneer Pakora8.95
    Crisp deep fried home made cheese


  • Mutter Paneer11.95
    Cubes of homemade cheese & peas cooked mildly in tomato sauceveget

  • Saag Paneer11.95
    Home made cheese cubes, cooked with spinach, tomatoes & onion

  • Malai Kofta11.95
    Cottage cheese and vegetable balls in mild gravy of onion, tomatoes and cashews

  • Spinach Kofta11.95
    Mashed potatoes, spinach & cottage cheese balls In mild gravy of onion tomatoes & spinach

  • Cheese Butter Masala11.95
    Home made cheese cubes in a tomato and onion gravy

  • Navratan Korma10.95
    Farm fresh mixed vegetable cooked in coconut & yogurt base

  • Aloo Mutter9.95
    Potato & peas cooked in onion & tomato sauce

  • Chana Masala10.95
    Chick peas made with Indian spice & herbs

  • Bangan Bhartha10.95
    Baked eggpland mashed & cooked with tomatoes onion, peas & spices

  • Okra Masala10.95
    Fresh diced baby okra cooked with onion & tomatoes

  • Dal Kandhari10.95
    Four kinds of lentils


  • Sadha Dosa6.95
    Plain crepes made out of rice and lentil flour

  • Paper Dosa10.95
    Thin and long lentil crepe

  • Masala Dosa8.95
    Crepes filled with potato and onion

  • Butter Masala Dosa9.95

  • Mysore Masala Dosa9.95

  • Rava Dosa9.95
    Thin wheat and lentil crisp

  • Onion Rava Dosa10.95
    Thin wheat and lentil crisp with onion

  • Malabar Special Adai9.95
    Thick lentil crisp with butter

  • Uthappam7.95
    Indian style pancakes

  • Onion Uthappam8.95

  • Special Uthappam10.95

  • Poori Potato8.95
    Light whole wheat puffy bread with potato

  • Chappathi Kuruma11.95
    Thin wheat bread with vegetable kuruma

  • Chana Bhatura (2 Pcs.)11.95

  • Pav Bajji10.95
    Five types of vegetables, special type of spices

South Indian Thai

  • South vegetarian dinner consisting of (12) delicious items rice, bread, vegetable curries (2), sambhar, rasam, raita (salad), dal, pickle and papad,deserts & appetizer


  • Chapati2.00
    Whole wheat flour roasted bread

  • Poori4.00
    Whole wheat flour puffed bread deep fried

  • Paratha4.00
    Multi layered flaky whole wheat bread.

  • Methi Paratha4.00
    Multi layered whole wheat bread Stuffed with methi leaves.


  • Dil Bahar5.95

  • Badam Halwa6.95

  • Gulab Jamun (2pcs)3.95
    A speciality prepared from milk solids soaked in honey syrup

  • Carrot Halwa4.95

  • Ras Malai (2pcs)3.95
    A popular north Indian dessert made of home made cheese Served with reduced milk flavored with cardamom

  • Saffron Pista Ice Cream4.95

  • Mango Ice Cream4.95

  • Pista Kulfi5.95